The Property Primer For Local Business

Though search engines are global by nature, all local businesses interested in taking their business to the next level must concentrate on their specific location to bring in the desired results. This is really important because any global SEO effort would bypass their targeted local customers and would be a drain on their marketing budget.

Concentrating on the local audience may appear difficult as Google doesn't group the sites depending upon their exact location, but with the following tips, you can easily tap your local market.

1. Your business location should be in your meta-tags

Ensure that your exact location is added within your site content. It won't help if you have optimised your site content for 'property company' as it is a generic term without any specific location associated with it. Instead 'property company in London' can do wonders for your business.

2. Add your specific location in the Meta tags

Meta tags are important for the search engines. Therefore, you must add your specific location and any additional keywords on the relevant pages of your website. Aside from this, location should also be included in the body text, as otherwise Google may see it negatively. For example, a property service in London should include 'property company London' in their Meta tags and body text.

3. Use your business location as anchor text

You may face difficulty in building organic backlinks depending upon your location as such localized terms don't sound too natural. For instance; 'property London' or 'property company London' may not be grammatically correct, but they can be effectively used in the blogs with correct anchor text, for driving back traffic to your site.

4. Don't forget to add your exact location in the body text

You should not forget to include your location within your body text. If you have optimised your text for 'property company' without any specific location, this won't help you in attaining higher ranks in comparrison to the search phrase 'property company London'.

5. Check your keywords

You must submit to both these directories as they will list you depending upon your location.

6. Make your ad-campaigns location based

You can drive significant traffic to your site with the help of locally targeted PPC campaign. You can easily drive local prospects to your site and make effective use of your marketing budget.

7. Your location should have separate page

Social media websites such as Facebook can drive highly targeted traffic to your business site and can drive up your sales as you can easily promote your location to your local audience.

8. Testimonials and reviews

By building your image as a trusted trader may help you in winning the trust of your prospects. You can even publish the comments of your satisfied customers on your site or other local review sites.

9. Check your keywords

If you have business spread over several locations, then it is quite helpful to dedicate a web page to each location. Include the keywords 'property company London' or 'Search engine optimization London' to drive traffic from your local markets.

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