15 Gal Home Beer Brewing Kettle w/ Valve & Thermometer

HomeBrewStuff Heavy Duty 15 Gallon Home Beer Brewing Kettle w/Valve and Thermometer
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Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Kettle 15 gallon size is perfect for full wort boil on 10 gallon batches! These Heavy Duty stainless steel kettles are thick, hearty, and ready to stand up to years of abuse. Each kettle has two handles, a lid, and a re-enforced triple layer bottom. A 5mm aluminum plate between two 1.2mm stainless ones, provides for even heat distribution which can reduce the amount of scorching you may encounter, food-grade stainless steel is the only metal in contact with your wort. Kettle features leak free weldless bulkhead, Stainless steel ball valve and 3″ SS thermometer. This[Read More]
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